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Washington Yakima Detective Geoff Gronewald on leave for misconduct in double murder investigation

Discussion in 'Notes and Outlines' started by M, May 14, 2014.

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    Perp: Detective Geoff Gronewald

    Department: Yakima Police Department

    Location: Yakima, Washington


    Yakima Police Detective Geoff Gronewald​


    YPD detective accused of improper conduct in double murder investigation

    It began as an unusual murder case in December 2012. Michael Eby and Ryan Pederson were found dead in a car near the Yakima Canyon. Two years later, and Detective Geoff Gronewald is on administrative leave surrounding allegations over his role in the murder investigation ... The report says, shortly after the murder, Gronewald developed a romantic relationship with Michael Eby's former girlfriend, Shannon Rosales. She told investigators that Gronewald shared detailed information about the active case. For instance, during a search warrant, the report says Gronewald sent hundreds of texts allegedly telling her what they had found.

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