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“Serious social unrest is coming in the next 5-10 years in this country as the police state gets dialed down.”

New York Video Captures Woman Spitting on Cop and his Surprising Reaction

Discussion in 'Incidents of Police Abuse, Misconduct, Negligence' started by Carlos Miller @ PINAC, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. We’ve seen so many videos of cops unleashing a fury of fists on suspects at the slightest provocation that this video came as a shock to me because it shows a New York City police officer not reacting at all to being spit in the face by a drunk woman he was arresting.

    In fact, the officer just turns his cheek and wipes his face. And at least two other officers who witnessed the incident didn’t do anything except confirm what they saw, which, of course, meant that the woman would be facing additional charges.

    The sergeant overseeing the arrest seems satisfied that the incident was caught on video, but it doesn’t seem as if he made any attempt to confiscate the video as evidence.

    The video was posted on a Tumblr blog called L.E.S. Dwellers, as in Lower East Side Dwellers, which is trying to highlight the drunken debauchery taking place in the Lower Manhattan neighborhood.

    The group also has a separate website, which states they are made up of “families, teachers, trades people, business owners, activists, artists and professionals, etc. who live on the L.E.S.”

    So there’s a good chance the cops know who they are, which is probably why they didn’t seem too concerned about confiscating the camera.

    However, the part that impressed me was the non-reaction of the cop who had been spit on. Let’s face it, nobody likes to be spat upon, so it might not be easy to refrain from reacting angrily.

    But this cop did just that, which showed a lot of professionalism on his part, something that unfortunately is lacking in many of these videos.

    In fact, according to retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis, who became notorious for protesting during the Occupy Wall Street protests in full uniform, police departments deliberately hire cops who have proven to have a higher level of aggression and insensitivity.

    These personality aspects are determined through the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, he said, in the video below, beginning at 4:00.

    The logic behind this, he said, is that sensitive officers are more likely to quit because they are unable to handle the blood and the gore that come with police work.

    However, the insensitive officer is more likely to act violently towards citizens, which is something we have seen so many times over the years.

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