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Oregon Portland officer Jason Lobaugh resigns, accused of harassing ex-wives Nicole Gibson & Laurie Grant

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    Perp: Officer Jason Lobaugh

    Victims: Nicole Gibson, Laurie Grant

    Department: Portland Police Bureau

    Location: Portland, Oregon


    Portland Police Officer Jason Lobaugh
    (photo courtesy Portland CopWatch)​


    Portland police Officer Jason Lobaugh resigned while under investigation

    While under investigation for alleged threats and harassment of two ex-wives, Portland police Officer Jason Lobaugh resigned, effective April 24. Five days later, Portland Police Chief Mike Reese signed a letter to the Independent Police Review Division, saying he would change an internal affairs finding from "unproven'' to "sustained'' on a complaint that Lobaugh had threatened to beat up his ex-wife.
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    One Cop’s Exes and Uh-Ohs

    An officer already under investigation faces domestic-violence allegations

    On Nov. 6, the city’s Citizen Review Committee will review an allegation that Jason Lobaugh, a 22-year veteran of the Portland Police Bureau, threatened to beat up one of his ex-wives and her new husband at her home this summer, according to sources familiar with the case. The complaints, along with other police reports obtained by WW, show that Lobaugh, 46, has been investigated multiple times over the past 13 years for alleged threats and acts of physical violence against members of his own family. Lobaugh did not return multiple calls and emails for comment.

    As WW has reported, Lobaugh is already under investigation for talking himself up to potential jurors in a theft trial in which he was going to be a witness. He told jurors in the courthouse hallway that “the detective on this case is outstanding,” referring to himself (“Tamper Tantrum,” WW, Sept. 18, 2013).

    Since 1995, the city has received 16 tort claims that name Lobaugh, and nearly all cite use of excessive force. In a 2007 claim, witnesses said they saw Lobaugh taser a young black man and kick him after he was on the ground. Lobaugh was also investigated in 2000 by his own department for alleged use of GHB, an illegal narcotic associated with the use of steroids (“Officers, Not Gentlemen,” WW, June 29, 2005). Lobaugh was never charged.’s_exes_and_uh_ohs.html

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    Controversial Cop Was Driver in Crash Costing the City $50,402

    A 2011 collision between a motorcycle and a Portland police cruiser rolling through a red light at NE Cesar Chavez—apparently without its emergency lights or siren (pdf)—just got a wee bit more expensive for the city of Portland. City council yesterday agreed to pay rider Jason Wallace $50,402.14 for bodily injuries associated with a crash on August 25, 2011, adding to the $11,000 the city approved earlier this year to cover the cost of Wallace's motorcycle. The combined payout, according to a Mercury database of police settlements and legal payouts, is among the highest in the past 20 years.

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