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Louisiana New Orleans cop Lindy Collins busted for DUI in Gretna, LA

Discussion in 'Incidents of Police Abuse, Misconduct, Negligence' started by M, Oct 27, 2013.

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    Perp: Officer Lindy Collins

    Department: New Orleans Police Department

    Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

    Collins Lindy.jpg
    New Orleans Police Officer Lindy Collins​

    Fox 8 Live: Off-duty NOPD officer arrested in Gretna for impaired driving (Oct 22 2013)

    According to police, an off-duty Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Deputy spotted [Lindy] Collins driving erratically in his personal car on Stumpf Boulevard near Gretna Boulevard. One of the tires on Collins' car had a blow out after striking a curb. The Jefferson Parish deputy approached Collins afterward and determined that Collins was impaired. The deputy, with help from an off-duty NOPD officer, stayed with Collins until Gretna Police arrived. Collins was arrested by Gretna Police and charged with driving while impaired.
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    WWL TV: NOPD: Officer suspended after DWI arrest in Gretna (Oct 22 2013)

    Officer Lindy Collins, who works in the Fourth District, was seen driving erratically on Stumpf Boulevard, near Gretna Boulevard, by a Jefferson Parish deputy who was off-duty, Braden said. Collins was driving his personal vehicle and had hit a curb, causing a blowout to his front tire. "The off-duty deputy got out of his personal vehicle, approached Collins and determined he was incoherent. The deputy, who was assisted by an off-duty New Orleans police officer, stayed with Collins until members of the Gretna Police Department arrived. Gretna officers placed Collins under arrest for driving while impaired," Braden said.
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    Previously arrested in 2007, but the New Orleans Police Department hired him anyway ...

    Times-Picayune: Off-duty NOPD officer suspended after DWI arrest in Gretna (Oct 22 2013)

    According to Jefferson Parish court records, Collins, a Harvey resident, was arrested in 2007, the year before he joined NOPD, on charges of resisting an officer, disturbing the peace and battery of a police officer. For the disturbing the peace charge, Collins was placed on active probation after pleading under a provision that allows people arrested on certain charges to plead guilty but have the conviction set aside and sentence suspended. The other charges were dismissed by prosecutors, records show.

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