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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-23-12

Discussion in 'Police Misconduct' started by CATO Police Misconduct, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. Here are the 10 reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, August 23, 2012:
    • New Brunswick, New Jersey: An officer [Brad Berdel] who shot and killed a man [Barry Deloatch, 46] during a chase has resigned in lieu of discipline. He was facing discipline for failure to carry and maintain the pepper spray that officers are issued.
    • Clovis, California: A man [James L. Quinn] who claimed he was wrongfully jailed by Fresno County authorities for allegedly violating probation was awarded $425,000 by a federal jury. He also said that the police wouldn’t let him retrieve heart medication when he was arrested, and jailers failed to heed his pleas for medical treatment when he began having chest pains. [former probation officer David Alanis]
    • Update: Queens, New York: The judge [Thomas Raffaele] who said an officer [not yet named] struck him is blasting the District Attorney for not prosecuting the officer. The judge said the officer hit him when he mistook the judge for a heckler. “It was absolutely criminal,” said the judge, “and I think a jury would have very little difficulty, if they heard the testimony, determining who was telling the truth and who was lying.” [cops were abusing a suspect, Charles Menninger]
    • Nashville, Tennessee: An officer was arrested [Albert Ridgeway] on domestic assault charges. He acknowledged he was guilty of conduct unbecoming of an officer and submitted his resignation.
    • Spring Valley, California: A “spontaneous reaction” by a police officer [Deputy Luke Berhalter] is said to be the cause of an unarmed woman [Jennifer Orey] being shot when police entered her backyard. The police say they went into her backyard because the back gate was open and was cause for suspicion. When the police ran into her unexpectedly, she was shot.
    • Update: Cleveland, Ohio: An officer [Gregory C. Jones, 47] was indicted on charges of rape, gross sexual imposition and kidnapping. He was investigated by internal affairs, and arrested.
    • Kansas City, Kansas: An officer [unnamed] was caught taking an official undercover car on vacation after he ran a red light with the vehicle. “This type of misuse of resources will not be tolerated,” said the police chief. [other articles indicate that the unnamed "fraud dectective" retired after the incident]
    • London, Kentucky: An officer [Russell Wayne Baker] pleaded guilty to theft. He must pay $108,000 in restitution and faces jail time.
    • Northumberland, Pennsylvania: Child pornography was found on an officer’s [Blaine Handerhan, 56] computer. He was sentenced on child pornography possession charges, must serve eight years in prison, and pay $75,000 for the offense.
    • Madison, Wisconsin: An officer [William Watson] was charged with sex abuse. He has been placed on administrative leave while the internal inquiry is completed. The sheriff’s office believes that it happened over a period of several years.
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