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National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 08/22/12

Discussion in 'Police Misconduct' started by CATO Police Misconduct, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Here are the 8 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, August 22, 2012:
    • Woonsocket, Rhode Island: An argument between a police officer [Patrick Cahill, 23] and his nine-year-old sister led him to choke her. He was subsequently arrested.
    • Folly Beach, South Carolina: An officer [Ronald Avallone] who failed to fully investigate an assault claim, and then suspended is now fighting for his job back. According to records of the events leading to his suspension, his actions resulted in the ‘delayed arrest of a serious criminal.’
    • Salem, New Hampshire: Lt. Krisitn Fili is on paid administrative leave and is facing a charge of driving while intoxicated. She crashed while driving and officers noticed signs of impairment.
    • Hackensack, Jew Jersey: The city settled a lawsuit for more than $2 million. A woman [Alessandra Viola] said that the chief of police [Ken Zisa] made sexual advances on her. He has since been suspended.
    • Update: Columbus, Ohio: There may be more victims of the officer [Todd Smith, 49] who was accused of sexual abuse with children. “There is an ongoing investigation to (determine) the identity of other potential victims,” said the prosecuting attorney. “There is evidence indicating there is at least one additional potential victim.”
    • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: An officer [Randy Harrison] was ordered to stand trial for a teen’s death [Dane Scott Jr., 18]. The teen was shot following a vehicle pursuit, and he was unarmed when he was shot.
    • Huntsville, Alabama: An officer [William "Bill" Watson] was arrested and charged with first degree sex abuse against a girl under the age of sixteen.
    • Hollywood, California: An officer is on administrative duty following claims that he used excessive force on a 17-year-old boy [Alex Cabrera, 17]. “We are always concerned when there are allegations of a successive use of force by out police officers,” said the city spokeswoman. “We take those things very seriously.” [total of six unnamed officers apparently involved in the beatdown]
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