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“Serious social unrest is coming in the next 5-10 years in this country as the police state gets dialed down.”

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 04-11-14

Discussion in 'Police Misconduct' started by CATO Police Misconduct, Apr 14, 2014.

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  1. Here are the 9 reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, April 11, 2014:

    • Knox County, Tennessee: A lieutenant [Lieutenant Dennis Mills Jr.] has been charged in connection to a rape investigation conducted by The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. A grand jury indicted the officer on a set of criminal counts, including rape of a child, statutory rape by an authority figure, and incest.
    • Update: Plainfield, New Jersey (First reported 02-02-12): An officer [Sergeant Samuel Woody] threatened a woman with a five-year prison term unless she took off some of her clothes. The officer, still in his police uniform, masturbated as she did so. She was secretly videoing him during the incident; a jury convicted him of second-degree official misconduct and fourth-degree criminal sexual assault. He was sentenced to six years in prison.
    • Plymouth, Massachusetts: One police officer has been demoted [Officer Laura Lincoln] and another fired in the wake of two off-duty motor vehicle accidents. The first agreed to a demotion in rank and an undisclosed suspension. The other officer [Officer Jeremy Sullivan] was fired for not cooperating with an internal investigation of the accidents.
    • Buckner, Missouri: The police chief [Chief Lawrence "Mike" Cook] is suspected of assaulting his 17-year-old son. The sheriff’s office said he was charged with one count of domestic violence assault.
    • Country Club Hills, Illinois: The city will pay $700,000 to settle a federal lawsuit claiming a police officer [Officer John Silas] wrongfully shot a teenager [Abeid Armour] who then spent 14 months in jail before he was found not guilty of attempted murder.

    • Redondo Beach, California: A woman [Susan Soares] has filed suit, alleging police violated her civil rights to free speech, to freedom of association, unreasonable search and seizure, the constitutional right to petition the government for regressive grievances, and the right to freedom of commerce in the purchase and possession of a legal substance for medical needs.
    • St. John’s County, Florida: Police [Detective Thomas Marmo, Sergeant Brian Canov] who unlawfully recorded conversations between an attorney [Anne Marie Gennusa] and her client [Joel Studivant] were properly denied immunity, the 11th Circuit ruled.
    • Seabrook, New Hampshire: One [Officer Mark Richardson] of three police officers [other two: Officer Adam Laurent, Officer Keith Dietenhofer] investigated after a YouTube video showed alleged brutality against a teenager [Michael Bergeron Jr.]at the police station could face a maximum of two to five years in state prison.
    • Plum Borough, Pennsylvania: A fired police officer [Officer Jeremy J. Cumberledge] was arrested on a charge of unlawful use of a computer. He is accused of accessing files while on duty.

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