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Florida Miami officer Malinsky Bazile found guilty of identity theft and tax-refund fraud

Discussion in 'Incidents of Police Abuse, Misconduct, Negligence' started by M, Oct 14, 2013.

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    Perp: Malinsky Bazile

    Department: Miami Police Department

    Location: Miami, Florida

    Bazile Malinsky.jpeg
    Miami Police Officer Malinsky Bazile​

    Miami Herald: Miami cop convicted of ID theft, tax fraud (Oct 3 2013)

    A Miami cop who stole 1,000 identities from a police database to score fraudulent income-tax refunds was found guilty in federal court Thursday. Malinsky Bazile, 28, collected about $140,000 from the scam in 2011-12.


    Before his arrest earlier this year, Bazile had helped the FBI target another Miami cop, Vital Frederick, suspected of committing the same type of crime. Frederick, 27, was standing trial this week in Miami federal court, with closing arguments on Thursday. A jury will begin deliberations Friday.


    Three related cases involving corrupt Miami police officers:
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