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Georgia Lowndes Deputy Jason Stacks pleads guilty in traffic fine scam targeting Hispanics

Discussion in 'Notes and Outlines' started by M, May 12, 2014.

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    Perp: Deputy Jason Stacks

    Department: Lowndes County Sheriff's Office

    Location: Lowndes County, Valdosta, Georgia


    Lowndes County Deputy Jason Stacks​


    Ex-Ga. sheriff's deputy pleads guilty in traffic fine scam that targeted Hispanic drivers

    Authorities said Tuesday that former Lowndes County sheriff's deputy Jason Stacks pleaded guilty to conspiracy. Prosecutors say Stacks admitted to taking money from Hispanic drivers during unlawful traffic stops and telling the victims they faced arrest or deportation if they didn't pay him.
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    Sheriff's deputy arrested for robbery

    Lowndes County Sheriff Chris Prine has announced that one of his deputies has been fired after they say he participated in a robbery. According to officials with the Sheriff's Office, deputy Jason Stacks initiated a traffic stop on a Hispanic man on North Ashley Street and was assisted by Miguel Reyes and Gloria Gallego. Once the man was stopped, the trio demanded money from the victim in exchange for not arresting him. The man paid $300 and was released.

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