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California L.A. Deputy Mark Eric Hibner convicted of domestic violence & criminal threats

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    Perp: Deputy Mark Eric Hibner

    Victim: Girlfriend & former girlfriend, not named

    Department: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

    Location: Los Angeles, California

    Hibner Mark Eric.jpg
    Mark Eric Hibner​

    San Bernardino Sun: L.A. County sheriff’s deputy guilty of domestic violence, threats in Orange County (Oct 23 2013)

    The allegations stem from Christmas Day of 2012, when Hibner became involved in an argument after his girlfriend “discovered a sexually suggestive voicemail from another woman on the defendant’s cell phone,” according to the District Attorney’s statement. The girlfriend was identified by authorities as Jane Doe #1.

    “Over the next few days, Hibner physically assaulted Jane Doe #1, spit on the victim, repeatedly swore at her and threatened to kill her,” the statement said. He woke up Jane Doe #1 Dec.  30, dragged her into the living room of her Anaheim home by her hair and got on top of her, prosecutors said ... “Jane Doe #1 cried, begged Hibner to stop and banged her foot on the floor to wake the neighbors,” according to the D.A.’s statement. “Hibner than covered the victim’s mouth, pinched her nose and threatened to make her pass out. He got off Jane Doe #1, spit on her, threw a lit cigarette at her an called her derogatory names.”

    Hibner met with the other woman, with whom he’d had a previous relationship and a child with, for a custody exchange Feb.  19, officials said. She was described as Jane Doe #2. “During the meeting, Hibner threatened to kill Jane Doe #2 if she appeared in court at a hearing scheduled for two days later regarding a protective order for the crimes against Jane Doe #1,” according to the District Attorney’s statement.

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