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Georgia Hephzibah Officer Michael Dodaro Busted for 2nd DUI

Discussion in 'Incidents of Police Abuse, Misconduct, Negligence' started by M, Oct 27, 2013.

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    Perp: Officer Michael Dodaro

    Department: Hephzibah Police Department

    Location: Hephzibah, Georgia

    Dodaro Michael.jpg
    Michael Dodaro
    Repeat DUI Offender
    Fired by Hephzibah Police Department after DUI Arrest
    Resigned from Richmond County Sheriff's Office after DUI Arrest​

    Augusta Chronicle: Hephzibah police officer charged with DUI (Oct 21 2013)

    A Hephzibah police officer has been charged with DUI – again. According to a statement from the Hephzibah Police Department, Michael Dodaro was arrested in Oglethorpe County over the weekend. He has been placed on “administrative duty” while the department performs an internal investigation. The charge marks the second time in the past eight months that Dodaro has been charged with driving under the influence.

    Just love how so many police agency's hire other agencies problems, with obvious results:

    The former Richmond County sheriff’s investigator was suspended from his position with the sheriff’s office in April following a DUI arrest, according to The Augusta Chronicle archives. Dodaro was found to have been driving a county-issued vehicle at the time of his arrest and the vehicle sustained two flat tires during the incident, authorities said. He resigned a week later.
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    WRDW: Hephzibah police officer gets in wreck the night before DUI charge (Oct 23 2013)

    Hephzibah police officer Michael Dodaro got into a car wreck in an unmarked police car the night before his DUI arrest in the same county. David Bell owns Bell's towing in Lexington, Georgia. He got a call around 2:30 Sunday morning from the Georgia State Patrol asking him to come tow a police officer's car out of the woods. Bell says, "It was a regular Crown Victoria, looked like an undercover narc officer, and when I got here he was dressed in full regalia. Had on his bulletproof vest and his gun, and it was just like he was on duty." The officer was Michael Dodaro, who is the same officer waiting trial for a DUI in Richmond County after wrecking a county car this past March. He's also the same officer who would go on to be charged the following night with a second DUI.


    Bell says the car was a mess, and there was a police dog in the car that was thankfully okay. The incident report says the car rolled over in the collision. "I was able to drive it back on the road on two flat tires. The exhaust was torn out, and it was a total loss," Bell said. Bell says officer Dodaro seemed agitated as they waited for another wrecker to tow the car to Augusta. He was real hyper, moving about. A lot of profanity. He just couldn't be still and couldn't concentrate." He also thought it was odd that Dodaro told him he was heading to Commerce late Saturday night for a K9 training class that wasn't starting until Monday morning. He says, "It seems kind of funny if he was going there Monday morning, and he was dressed out like he was on duty."
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    Sounds like a real winner, now looking for job #3 ... :D

    WRDW: Hephzibah police officer fired after second DUI charge (Oct 24 2013)

    Hephzibah Police Officer Michael Dodaro has been terminated after being charged with a DUI in Oglethorpe County ... This weekend's DUI charge in Oglethorpe County is Officer Michael Dodaro's second charge since March. He's still waiting trial for the first charge, but we've uncovered new details about that first charge.

    Page one of Michael Dodaro's personnel file shows that the narcotics officer resigned in lieu of termination April 1st, after he allegedly crashed this county car while under the influence. Chris Rodich says he witnessed the events that led up to that crash. "He was acting very erratic. When the bar closed, he wouldn't leave. He was just being really hard headed basically," Rodich says. Rodich was at the Vegas Showgirls Club on Broad Street March 29th at the same time as Officer Dodaro. That's when reports say Dodaro was served two double shots of Jager, two double Bacardi and Cokes, and a Miller Lite. Rodich says, "He pulled his badge out at one time and kept saying he's a RCSO narcotics officer, and he was just crazy. He was acting like a fool." After flashing his badge to a bouncer, reports say Officer Dodaro pulled a handgun from his pocket. That's when the bouncer backed away, and Dodaro went outside. "I walked outside and heard an altercation going on. Evidently he was trying to go after one of the bouncers at the front door," Rodich says.

    Chris says he saw Dodaro take a beer bottle and throw it against the glass door of the club. That's when he decided it was time to call 911. He says, "While I was on the phone with Richmond County, I saw him return to his car, speed off without lights, Came back around, turn back around onto Broad Street, and just rolled out."

    Officers found Dodaro at the old I Hop on Washington Rd. standing next to a Dodge Charger with two flat tires. Reports say a deputy who responded asked Dodaro his name, and he said, "I don't have to tell you s***." The DUI report says he was swaying, his eyes were watery and bloodshot, he was crying, he had disheveled clothing, slow and slurred speech, an odor of alcohol, and had urinated on himself. One deputy states Dodaro urinated two additional times in front of the car while they were writing him up. The case is still waiting trial, but in the mean time, Dodaro managed to get another job as a narcotics investigator with the Hephzibah Police Department.

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