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California Families of Long Beach police shooting victims John Del Real & Tyler Woods initiate legal actions

Discussion in 'Incidents of Police Abuse, Misconduct, Negligence' started by M, Apr 18, 2014.

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    Victims: John Del Real, Tyler Woods

    Department: Long Beach Police Department

    Location: Long Beach, California

    Families take legal action against Long Beach police for fatal shootings

    John Del Real, 39, was shot September 26th in East Long Beach by an undercover, plainclothes officer. His family filed a federal lawsuit Monday in which they claim Del Real was lured out of his home and then shot by the officer. An unknown person called Del Real's cell phone several times telling him to go outside, according to the lawsuit. When he got to the back alley of his home, a dark truck pulled up. “A plainclothes LBPD officer…emerged from the truck with his gun drawn,” according to the lawsuit. “At no time did [the officer] identify himself as a police officer. Without warning, [the officer] shot [Del Real] approximately three times, including at least one shot to the back of [Del Real's] head.”


    In the second case, the family of Rialto resident Tyler Woods has filed a claim against the city of Long Beach asking for $10 million. Police shot the unarmed 19-year old last year on the roof of a house. Long Beach police officers pulled over a car for a traffic violation on November 19 around 2:30 a.m. ... But family members said Monday that Woods was patted down after the traffic stop. They said he was trying to surrender before he was shot. “Whether he ran or not, you knew he was unarmed,” his brother Trevor Woods said.
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    Attorneys to file excessive force claims against Long Beach police, city in two 2013 officer-involved shootings

    John Del Real Jr. and Tyler Damon Woods, were shot by police last fall. Woodland Hills attorney Dale Galipo and Glendale attorney John Fattahi will hold a press conference outside the Police Department’s headquarters at 400 West Broadway in Long Beach on ... (Query: Tyler Woods Long Beach California)

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    Attorneys file lawsuits in two Long Beach police shootings

    Standing in front of police headquarters on Broadway, civil rights attorney Dale Galipo said the killings of John Del Real, 39, and Tyler Woods, 19, were both unnecessary acts of police violence that were part of a disturbing rise in Long Beach officer ... (Query: Tyler Woods Long Beach California)

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    Lawsuit, $10 million claim filed against Long Beach city, police for 2013 officer-involved shootings

    LONG BEACH ... and killed by Long Beach police officers last year filed a lawsuit and claims Monday in excess of $10 million against the city of Long Beach and unnamed police officers. John Del Real Jr., 39, and Tyler Damon Woods, 19, were shot and ... (Query: Tyler Woods Long Beach California)

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