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Colorado Denver officers Ricky Nixon & Kevin Devine once again fired in beating & abuse of 4 women

Discussion in 'Incidents of Police Abuse, Misconduct, Negligence' started by M, Oct 13, 2013.

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    Perp: Officer Ricky Nixon, Officer Kevin Devine

    Victim: Ana Alicia Ortega, Kelly Boren, Kristal Carrillo, Sharelle C. Thomas

    Department: Denver Police Department

    Location: Denver, Colorado

    Denver Post: Two Denver cops plan to appeal firing in Denver Diner beating case (Sept 27 2013)

    Two Denver police officers at the center of a high-profile beating outside the Denver Diner plan to appeal a judge's decision upholding their firings, their attorney said Friday. Police Chief Robert White signed letters terminating Ricky Nixon and Kevin Devine for lying during the internal investigation into the July 2009 incident, in which surveillance cameras captured them beating and pepper-spraying a group of women outside the diner. They were initially fired, but the Civil Service Commission reinstated them, a decision District Court Judge Elizabeth A. Starrs ruled Thursday was wrong. Footage from police department cameras did not match the officers' statements to investigators, the judge wrote in her decision.
    Officer Ricky Nixon has now been involved in two police beatings that have resulted in a total of $1,155,000 in settlement payouts:
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    Denver Post: Denver judge upholds firing of 2 police officers in 2009 beating case (Sept 26 2013)

    A Denver District Court judge has upheld the firings of two police officers who beat and pepper-sprayed a group of women outside the Denver Diner more than four years ago. The ruling, announced Thursday, was the latest twist in the ongoing disciplinary cases against Ricky Nixon and Kevin Devine, who were initially fired after the July 2009 incident. There was video footage, and the beating became one of the most highly publicized police-conduct cases in the city's recent history.
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    M Muckraker

    Denver Post: Denver council OKs $360,000 for women abused by police outside diner (Sept 23 2013)

    Four women who were beaten, pepper-sprayed and dragged by police officers outside Denver Diner in 2009 will share some of a $360,000 settlement approved by the Denver City Council Monday. The settlement provides $44,453.33 to Ana Alicia Ortega, $44,453.33 to Kelly Boren, $43,573.29 to Kristal Carrillo, and $34,453.33 to Sharelle C. Thomas.

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