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Colorado Denver officer Jessie A. Espinoza now a two-time DUI offender

Discussion in 'Incidents of Police Abuse, Misconduct, Negligence' started by M, Oct 16, 2013.

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    Perp: Jessie A. Espinoza

    Victims: Three, names not given

    Department: Denver Police Department

    Location: Denver, Colorado

    Espinoza Jessie A.jpg
    Denver Police Officer Jessie A. Espinoza​

    Total punishment:
    • Ten days jail & work release (Work release, really!? You want a cop in your community who goes home to jail at night?)
    • Sixty days home detention
    • Eighty hours community service
    • $7,295 fines & costs
    Denver Post: Denver police officer sentenced for DUI in crash (Oct 10 2013)

    A Denver police officer was sentenced Thursday to jail time, home detention and 80 hours of community service for driving under the influence and careless driving. Jessie Espinoza, 40, was off-duty Jan. 6 when he was involved in a rollover crash on Interstate 25 southbound near 15th Street, according to court records ... Espinoza sideswiped an SUV, which swerved into a concrete barrier and rolled onto its roof. Three people in the SUV were injured.
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    KJCT 8: Jury convicts off-duty Denver officer in DUI crash (Aug 23 2013)

    The Denver Post reports ( ) court records show that in 1996, Espinoza pleaded guilty to driving while ability impaired in Boulder. He joined the Denver Police Department in 1999, before rules were changed to disqualify police candidates with DUI convictions in the previous three years.
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