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California Cop Arrested for Inappropriate Contact with Minor

Discussion in 'PINAC' started by Carlos Miller @ PINAC, Apr 27, 2018.

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  1. A California cop was arrested over super bowl weekend for sexual crimes involving a minor.

    The Sacremento Bee reports that on Saturday, Officer Matthew Huff of the Stockton Police Department was booked into the San Joaquin County Jail on charges, including contacting a minor to commit a felony, sending harmful matter to seduce a minor and annoying or molesting a child under 18.

    “These actions are a major departure from the values and professionalism of the Stockton Police Department. Accountability is critical to maintaining public trust,” said Joe Silva, public information officer with the department.

    The department said that the charges reveal intent, but that Huff never acted on the intent.

    No details have been released pertaining to the nature of the crimes, nor have police released information on how they became aware of the officer’s actions.

    Officer Huff’s father is a detective with the police department. Officer Huff also has a brother that happens to be an officer with the department. They are the first family to have three members sworn into the Stockton Police Department.

    Huff is married with a young child.

    Huff was released on a 253,000 bond and has been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation.

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