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98.9 "Breakfast Buzz with Kimberly and Beck" Radio Show Hosts Make Fun of Man Beaten by...

Discussion in 'Davy Vara' started by DavyV., Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. DavyV.

    DavyV. Rochester NY Police Corruption Blog

    Mark Schroth
    beaten by Rochester, NY Police.
    By Davy V.

    Most people wouldn't find the photo to the right funny.

    But Rochester, NY's 98.9 The Buzz radio show hosts Kimberly and Beck do.

    It's a photo of Mark Schroth.

    That's not how Schroth looked when he went to a popular bar on Rochester, NY's Monroe Avenue, Saturday night, but it's how he looked after he was beaten by Rochester Police.

    Wednesday morning, Kimberly and Beck, well known for their racist rhetoric, and hurtful, insensitive behavior, including once making fun of an African-American grieving mother whose teen age son was run over and killed by a Rochester Police cruiser, had a field day with the horrible beating that Schroth suffered.

    Kimberly and Beck
    from Rochester, NY's 98.9
    "Breakfast Buzz with Kimberly and Beck" radio show.​
    According to reports, Rochester Police were responding to an altercation at O'Callaghan's Pub, when a Rochester Police officer told Schroth to move.

    Witnesses say that when Schroth told Rochester Police that he had a right to stand where he was standing, that's when at least one Rochester Police officer snapped, and began beating Schroth.

    "Mark did not deserve this, he didn't do anything wrong, nothing at at all", said a witness who did nit want to be identified fir fear of retaliation from Rochester Police officers.

    On their "Breakfast Buzz with Kimberly and Beck" morning radio show, not only did Kimberly make fun of the beating Schroth received, but equally disgusting, she went as far as condoning police brutality.

    "(expletive deleted) guy opened his mouth to the wrong guy and got batoned upside the head", the radio show host said.

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